How do I keep long exposures sharp?

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Re: Image Stabilization?

dodgyexposure wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

[It is hard to remember everythng, EVERYtime, isn't it?]

Ain't that the truth. My personal "favourite" is forgetting to switch back from the 2 second timer after taking the camera off the tripod - invariably my next handheld shot includes an embarrassing 2 second delay while my subject moves out of frame.

I know what you mean!

Then perhaps you would pity a poor professional, working with a 5x4" sheet film camera to take 6x9cm pictures on the cheaper 120 rollfilm by means of a rollfilm holder back.

With this set-up, swapping from viewing mode (with the shutter and aperture open and the focusing screen in place) to actually taking the picture by pressing the cable release, and then back to viewing again...

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(something that is all over in one press of a button with a modern dSLR)--

... was a total of 32 (yes, thirty-two) seperate manual operations, some of which had to be done in exactly the right sequence or the film was ruined by exposure to light.

Performing that lot, AND chatting up the model all the while, was quite demanding of one's powers of concentration, I can say!

"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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