CCD (total shutter) versus CMOS (rolling shutter) video - didn't know it.

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Re: CCD (total shutter) versus CMOS (rolling shutter) video - didn't know it.

As you probably guessed by now there is aboslutely nothing new in this.

In fact, this phenomena existed way before any digital camera was ever invented.

In the days of film, any camera that had a lens mounted shutter (referred to as leaf shutters) would behave in exactly the same way as the CCD "Total Shutter" from that article.

Whereas any focal plane shutter (as in an SLR) will behave exactly as per the CMOS rolling shutter example - although the actual effect you see will vary enormously on the shutter speed being used as well as vertical vs horizontal orientation.

I have several examples of helicopter rotors shot on film from years ago that have similar results.

Better still, here is a photo taken in 1912 which exhibits the focal plane (rolling shutter) effect perfectly.

(from this website )

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