Sent my D800E in for AF problems incl Left. Will keep U posted...

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Re: Dreams sweet dreams

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

these people whom you claimed benefited from your help ... it's all ghostware

Maybe many people resolve a problem and move on, rather than keep reading posts from those who refuse to accept testing in an unsatisfactory way does not prove anything, other than the photographer did not do a good job.

I see. You help them. Their focusing issues are solved. They stop reading posts about focusing. So nobody comes to your defense.

The beautiful legend of Leonard who all alone fights the AF demons

Good news, somebody just posted a threat with "For Leonard Sheperd" as subject.

Since it says nothing about focusing in the subject you bet "the many" you've helped will read the thread, see how the little credit you get, and come to your defense. It's just a question of waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And ....

But, see, I think nobody will say anything about you helping them. That's because it only happened in your imagination.

I am reasonably confident you cannot find a link at dpreview to a competent test.

Quite the contrary. Unlike you I've done a bit of testing with some of the targets posted here. As it happens my D800e does not exhibit the leftmost AF issue, and focuses just fine with them. So I can state confidently that the problem is not with the target.

Since I haven't found a target posted on this forum with which my D800e would not focus accurately, I challenge you Leonard to point me to a target posted here which would prove your claim: my D800e would focus inaccurately on it using the leftmost sensor.

I have explained in posts why Nikon say the target used in many links is unsuitable for diagnosing a problem

But you've also made it clear that you misunderstand Nikon's statements . Like the one where Nikon says a subject is bad for focusing if it has little detail or no pattern. You interpreted the part of the sentence about pattern as a pattern is bad for focusing.

I am reasonably confident I can provide you with the link for the above

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