Nikon D600/D800/D7000/D300 viewfinder AF coverage compared

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Re: viewfinder AF coverage compared incorrectly

Martin Grecner wrote:

freddyNZ wrote:

The D600 focus point "map" is scaled wrong. The focus point height as shown between CAM 3500 and CAM 4800 on dx models D300 and 7000 is almost the same. In the D800/600 comparison they are different. Sorry - but not possible. I'm certain that

I finally understand what you are trying to explain.

But what you say is based on an assumption that CAM 3500 DX module is the same size as CAM3500 FX module. But it might be that the FX version of CAM 3500 is larger than the DX version, while FX version of the CAM4800 is the same size as CAM4800 DX.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

The optical units are the same, CAM3500 dx and fx AF points overlay perfectly when scaled to sensor/viewfinder ratio. CAM 4800 dx/fx will be the same.

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