A few things on DXo, EM-5 score, etc.

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Clueless link...

Wow, so this guy rails about people using the wrong terms and yet he clearly didn't even bother to look up the definition of dynamic range for image sensors.

Yeah, the DxO definition isn't quite right, but this guy has it totally wrong himself. Word to the wise, just because Google spits something out doesn't make it right. Go look up the definition in books on image sensor design, you'll see your source got it wrong.

I mean his article is good and I quite like the explanation of a complicated topic, but the definition of dynamic range for image sensors is full well capacity divided by read noise. His example of the DR of a noiseless photon counter being 1:1000 isn't correct.

Anyway, helpful article but the details aren't quite right and your interpretation is quite off base as well.

IrishhAndy wrote:

Please lighten us : what is the true meaning of dynamic range?>

Ever heard of google?


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