Portrait Question?

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Re: Portrait Question?

I second that! I was asked (and accepted) to take photos at a friends wedding, a very rewarding / scary / educational experience. I have new found respect for the pros now!

I used a Nex5 with kit lens, the 16mm for groups and a canon FD 1.8 for portraits.

I also made the foil 'credit card' bounce flash and felt self conscious about using it so made and used the one described here:


Still a bit home made looking (well it is after all!) but better than the card type and does give great results. You have to make sure that the ceiling is low enough though for it to work properly, but you can also bounce off of walls if you hold the camera vertical. worth making in my opinion.

I second the thoughts of previous posts about not saying 'No' you'll learn loads I did!


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