Nikon D600/D800/D7000/D300 viewfinder AF coverage compared

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Re: viewfinder AF coverage compared incorrectly

Martin Grecner wrote:

freddyNZ wrote:

They're wrong - see the problem with ruler overlay?

The top two are correct, the bottom two are clearly not.

I stil do not get it.

The rulers you have superimposed only show that the FP area on the D600 is smaller than on the D800, which is what this thread is all about.
Could you please explain by words why you believe the pictures are wrong ?

The D600 focus point "map" is scaled wrong. The focus point height as shown between CAM 3500 and CAM 4800 on dx models D300 and 7000 is almost the same. In the D800/600 comparison they are different. Sorry - but not possible. I'm certain that the D300/7000 graphics are reasonably accurate. I'm certain that the D600 focus points aren't anywhere near as bunched up as shown. Perhaps Nikon made a mistake or just don't care - as the graphic was not intended to be used this way.

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