Any FD 24mm 2.8 users out there?

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Re: The FDn 24mm f/2

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Nobody says that the FD24/2 is trash. Only that for half the price you can get the 2.8 version without significant loss in IQ. And one stop more is great, if you get the same IQ as before. Which you don't. I also had a Vivitar 24/2 and found that the haziness & softness wide-open counteracted any gain in reduced ISO.

This is entirely different with a modern E-lens such as the Zeiss 24/1.8 - which I don't own because I am not willing to pay for it.

If your main motive is in the center of the frame, the FD is a great lens and the corner softness can even enhance the picture. It is just that there is way too much hype about legacy bright lenses IMHO.

Forgive my necroreply, but about the Kiron 24mm f2; your example hazed because it was hazed. Common problem with them, but they are easy to clean. Also easy to fix the stuck aperture blades, at least for me.

Kiron 24mm f2 wide open are a bit dreamy/flare prone for my taste wide open in bright lighting, but in darker lighting where f2 is useful they are incredible lenses. Corner to corner sharp, excellent contrast and color for such an old lens, it is kind of embarrassing how close the Zeiss 24mm f1.8 mirrors it in performance considering it is a modern lens with a $900 pricetag. Well when they are in good order, Kiron fixed a lot of the problems with later ones, but good luck finding on in good order for a good price.

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