NEX-5N + LA-EA2 ++ E mount?!

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Re: NEX-5N + LA-EA2 ++ E mount?!

They are some really good pictures. The coolest part is they were on the old WG circuit. I didn't know they were running the old course. I have only been to WGI once back in 2002 to race my M3. I bought a great picture of me from a photographer showing me going around the laces of the boot! Unfortunately this was before digital so I don't have a good copy of it.

You should try out 1/1000 with OS on and off and see if you can detect any differences. The typical rule of thumb for lens shake without OS is above 1/(focal length) should be safe. You were 1.5x that, so OS may or may not be helping you.

I have only one comment I hope it comes across as helpful. Typically the advice for motorsports is to show enough blurring of the wheels so you can't read the tires or see the wheels spokes sharply. Shutter speeds around 1/300 or less do this even front on. This is where OS may help you, especially if you have a panning mode OS. I have not mastered this technique but strive to. The action forum here is a great resource if you are interested.

Next time if you have a chance see if you can experiment with some slower shutter speeds and see how you like the results. It could be that you like 1/1000 best. But imagine if your shots had completely blurry wheels and were at ISO 400 or 800. Your lens looks awesome, I'm definitely jealous of it!

Check out some of these for some fair examples. Go in and click the image and view the EXIF info for the shutter speeds used. You will notice even the head on shots are a bit slower in shutter speed. Based on the EXIF I don't know if his lens has IS or not. I try to find shots on Flickr I like or think are impressive and look at the EXIF to understand more about how they made the shot.

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