Am I crazy to consider this?

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juan bobo Regular Member • Posts: 224
Am I crazy to consider this?

I have a 70-200 2.8 non-IS, and I'm considering selling it for a 70-200 4.0 IS.

I don't often need this much reach, and I don't like the compressed look of telephoto lenses. I shoot the widest lens the situation will allow. But when I need the reach, I need it.

I basically use this focal length for three things:

1. When the police push the photographers too far back to get the shot with anything else.

2. Landscapes- usually while hiking- that I can't compose the way I want because of not being able to move closer.

3. (and this is the one that makes it a tough call) Stage work. Even for stage work, I'll use a shorter lens and shoot closer if I can.

The problem is that when I travel, I often leave it behind because of size and weight. This decision has come back to bite me on two trips. (In both cases an F4 would have done just fine.) On the other hand, I carried it all over Chicago for three days while covering the NATO Summit, and I didn't shoot one frame with it.

The 70-200 4.0 IS gets great reviews- and some reviewers claim that it's sharper than my lens. It weighs about 60% of what my lens weighs. And as a bonus, I can use the IS for video. I've always been a 2.8 or nothing kind of guy, and I wonder if I'm making a big mistake. Then again, I more likely to get a shot with the lens I have with me than the one I left at home.

BTW: I shoot FF almost exclusively

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