If the new 7DMkII just has these...

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Loren Charif Veteran Member • Posts: 3,712
Re: I'd settle for the following...

For me, #1 and 2 from below (USB3 would be nice, but I'd have to buy a new computer to be able to use it!) plus any 4 of these 5:

1. Spot metering linked to active AF point
2. GPS

3. Ability to use TC's with f5.6 lenses (maybe not possible technically due to sensor size?)
4. 10 fps
5. More FP's/zones

If these don't happen, I may consider a used 1DIV, but I am going to wait for the 7DII before I pull the trigger.


RR6 wrote:

1. Better sensor (improved DR, reduced noise) to match Nikon's latest.
2. Digic 5 processors.
3. Dual memory card slots (parallel writes to both).
4. USB3 for faster downloads.

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