Full set of new lenses for my 7d

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Re: Full set of new lenses for my 7d

I own all 3, as well as some others. I think you're off to a good (actually, VERY good) start.

That said, I would consider the 100-400 (which I also own) as an alternative to the 70-300L. With the 70-300, you'll be overlapping the long end of the 24-105, and with the 100-400 you'll have an additional 100m (33%) reach.

The reason I own both is that I find the 70-300 easier to travel with, unless I'm going on a nature shoot, in which case I take the 1-4.

The other possibility, if you really long for the 70-300 and still want that extra reach, is to add the Kenko PRO DGX 1.4, which will fit the 70-300 (giving you 420mm) and allow AF in most cases, especially using the outer AF points.

Either one will serve you well quality-wise.


BaldCol wrote:

I am lucky enough to have some money to spend on new lenses for my 7d. I currently have EF-S 17-85 and EF 70-300.

My plan is:
EF-S 10-22
EF L 24-105
EF L 70-300 F4-5.6

This seems to give me a nice covarage of all common lengths with decent lenses. Rough total cost (on Amazon uk) £2,650.

Am I making the right choices do you think? I did consider the 28-300 L, would I be better of with that and the 10-22?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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