In the end does it matter??

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Re: In the end does it matter??

BattleCat wrote:

Been thinking..with all the bells and whistles on all the cameras now days, does it really matter? I mean, dont we really only want and need "instant shutter release,precise focus,better high iso images,aperture settings,good white balance,and to a lesser degree image stabilization?"...These things are what really matters..

Wish a companies would offer a dslr with the basics and not worry with all the other mess that really is more in the way and confusing then what a lot of us need..

What you all think??

Ok those bells and whistles as you call them are for me all features that at some point or in some way will be useful to me in the process of producing my image. I mean before you ask me if they really matter tell me exactly what features you think of as bells and whistles?

For example I find the articulating screen on my D5100 combined with live view extremely useful in situations where I am otherwise unable to get the shot I need using a standard position. Many write of the articulating screen but it is actually very helpful.

Another example might be in-camera NEF RAW editing or scene modes. In terms of the software editing its actually a nice feature when you want to share a pic on the spot and don't have time to boot up your pc. In terms of the scene modes I know many newer DSLR owners who find them very helpful and sometimes never graduate past them to using "M" mode.

A "bare bones or minimalist" DSLR if I may call it so would have a very small niche market in my opinion and given what we consider as standard on a DSLR nowadays, releasing a product that contains "less" than the competition would be seen as taking a backwards step.

For me personally I find uses for almost all if not all of the features of my D5100 and feel confident in knowing when and where to use what and for what reason.

And when I don't want all the hassle I use my compact.

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