First time buyers, is A65 for us?

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Re: First time buyers, is A65 for us?

Thanks EvilOne, you hit the nail on the head so well that there's no way I can let my wife see this thread now...!!! lol

Thanks to everyone, i've learned a lot and have done a lot more reading. I must say I've likely spent about 20 hours doing research (not to mention negotiations with my wife).

I'm pretty sure I'll be going to the A65, since it's within my budget I may as well get the newest sony I can afford.

At this point I doubt I would see any difference between a 300 lens and a 2000 lens, or at least, I seriously doubt my wife would care even if I did!

Thanks all!


When browsing ebay and online stores, I see some market it as the SLT-A65VM others as the SLT-A65VK, some dont have any letters after the A65...

what gives?

Are these different models for different countries? Will one have a plug for europe and the other for north america?

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