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Re: Not so simple IMO, likely DX will be here for a long time

rhlpetrus wrote:

I obvioulsy don't need a D600, but I want one. The reason is I like to shoot both WA and hate flash.

How do you see it being helpful in the flash department ? Sincere question since I've wondered this, and have some thoughts, but my thoughts are based in "equivalence", not in practice (I've never used a FF DSLR).

So I currently do my low light photography with 35/1.8 or ... soon ... an 85/1.8. (I actually have a Minolta 85/1.4 that I've used for a few years on my Sony and just haven't gotten around to finishing up my selling/buying).

The 35/1.8 I shoot wide open as needed. I would happily shoot a 50/1.8 wide open, too. So I would clearly see benefit there.

But the 85/1.4 I would shoot at f/2 because DOF at f/1.4 is too shallow for my tastes. I recall using a 100/2.8 macro lens for candids on film and being perfectly happy with the DOF I got there. Using dofmaster and adjusting my shooting distance to keep my subject the same in frame, I'd get about the same DOF from at 105/2.8 on FF as I'd get at 85/2 on APS-C. So the question is ... would I be likely to buy a portrait/candid lens that lets me shoot at fast as f/2 on FF and would I be ok with the shallow DOF ? I wouldn't use an 85 ... having gotten used to 85 on APS-C, I'd want something longer. So I could go with the 105/2 but then would I shoot it wide open ? I suspect I'd get used to it and maybe pick up some low light advantage there.

But the point is, the large sensor advantage for low light is exploited at the expense of DOF, and I'm not sure how much benefit I'd see based on that concern.

It's a rhetorical issue for me - I'd rent one, maybe, if I were seriously contemplating it for low light photography purposes, and I'm not contemplating it (seriously). But I'm still interested to know what others plan to get out of it.

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