Shooting RAW as religious doctrine

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Re: Shooting RAW as religious doctrine

Oh, I'm sorry, but it looked like out and out whining about 'sermonizing' to me.

"If someone posts here that they want to use the best in camera settings to to get good quality JPEGs, why can't we all answer as best as we can without the sermonizing about how wonderful it is to use RAW processing?"

It's "OK" to ask whatever you'd like about whatever you'd like. No one's promising you'll like the answers you'll get.

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Tanngrisnir3 wrote:

You've created a thread about another thread!

Yay! Uselessness!

. . . I've created a thread about whether it's OK to ask for advice with JPEG in-camera settings without being told to just fix everything with RAW processing.

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