NEX-5 Clicking Noise in Video Mode...Fixed?

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Gary Roberti
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Re: NEX-5n Clicking History

Thanks everyone for your responses. Yes Helen, it was last Fall of 2011 when I had trouble finding that model due to the factory flood. Then I was in an Outlet Mall last Spring, I went into the Sony store and finally played around with one...and that one was clicking like crazy...pretty annoying to tell the truth when played back.

Cy Cheze...thanks for the detailed explanation, I appreciate the time you took to write it. I watched Bill's videos of the 4 different cameras doing the clicking looks like there is no way around it if that's a feature I really want...and I thought it would be nice to use in a pinch.

I'll probably wait for the 5R model to calm down in price a bit before making the jump. I just received an email from Sony yesterday that showed they reduced the 5N to $499 (from $699) with the small lens...if the clicking wasn't an issue, I may have jumped on that model. We'll see, I'll play with both at the Sony Store and make a determination there.

Thanks again folks for all the help!

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