Cold low light non moving subjects

Started Sep 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP simonbeck8848 New Member • Posts: 5
The Nikon7000 looks the one!

The Nikon isnt too big, nor is it too expensive, and the man in the shop tells me that for a modest extra amount I can buy a plugin that will allow the shutter to remain open for ages (at night) and take sequences for making time lapse videos, (not something I am really into, but I have had a lot of requests)

The Fujipix S3280 or whatever it is, that I used last season, took some reasonable photos, but I feel a bit embarrassed asking for money, or even showing them to the big names that are taking an interest in my work!

Thanks for all the advice, perhaps I shall be able to rent / borrow a medium format camera and run a test. I shall be in the USA as of tomorrow for 16 days, perhaps I shall buy a camera whilst I am there!


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