Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

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Re: Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

The FZ200, on the back of the FZ150, has recreated the old buzz. It's a good thing that brings owners of all Panasonic cameras back for a read and a join in. I much prefer it as well, with the chance to see new output and check exactly how cameras have progressed.

This forum started on the back of Panasonic producing good fixed lens cameras for the discerning hobby photographer, which were affordable and attracted no badge envy or pompousness.

With the lack of replacement of the FZ50, the forum began to fade. There was a period of stalwart effort by the many regulars to the site, but the last post on the front page always 2 or 3 days old bar the odd spike. There was no arguing that things were not the same.

The turn around begin when the FZ100 started to blow air across the embers, with the FZ150 picking up the pace. And by the time the FZ200 came along everything was primed for a flash fire. Up it went.

The relief that at last Panasonic owners have a camera to recognise as its flag ship is tangible. Panasonic's history lies with this type of camera. All other efforts have never met with the same response. Even the m4/3 cameras, good as they are, fail to draw the same intensity of response or affection. When one was launched, the Gf1 I think, I actually started a thread here to say that no-one had even commented once in the forum for the first three days since its launch. It was true, barely a word. Even after making the point one or two threads struck up and quickly fell off the bottom of the page.

The old Panasonic FZ's were good because they challenged DSLR's and cost much less money. DLSR's were and are always better, and unfortunately Panasonics efforts turned on them with the FZ50. Reviewers saw a DSLR shape, so compared it with one. There was to be little contest, and the FZ50 image quality was slammed. Yet that same image quality was not then equalled, especially at base ISO, until the FZ150.

The FZ200 brings Panasonic back to its home in the camera world, though I do not believe the company is aware of it. I only prey that Panasonic recognises this before it's too late. Good things in small packages are all the rage. This is Panasonic's home territory. If they could only take their eyes off the lens change market for one second, the penny will drop for someone working in the right place to do something about it.

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The FZ50: DSLR handling of a bright Leica 35-420mm lens that's this good: http://www.flickr.com/groups/panasonicfz50/pool/show (slideshow always good). With the FZ200 performance so good, I live in hope that Mr Ichiro Kitao has triggered the update to the FZ50. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1033&message=42366095

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