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Re: it seems like TDP have either faked results or extremely bad copies for all but C

ZAnton wrote:
Their results disagree with mine and others experience.

E.g. tamron 24-70 IS is total full absolute crap on their site.

But both photozone and lensrentals say it is at least better than old Canon 24-70 mk 1.

Tokina 16-28 is total crap on TPD,
photozone and lots of users say it is sharper or at least as good as Canon 16-35

dnral wrote:

This one is very exhaustive and good-others will disagree


YES, you are right. Remember that originally the "" was a dedicated fanboy site for Canon stuff only ! Later they started adding "tests" of lenses of the other manufacturers.... And YES, from what I have personally tried and compared, it IS biased towards Canon glass. My comparsions more or less matched the results of but definitely NOT the TDP. Moreover, if a measurement for a Canon glass is "stangely" low, they keep asking for second, third, fourth copy until it gives "decent" data - they are doing this RIGHT NOW for the latest 24-70/2.8 II zoom lens for instance. And they don´t do that for the other manufacturers´ lenses, which is DISGUSTING.

Please note that I have nothing against Canon glass, they have some excellent lenses, certainly better then the competition but I HATE any fanboyism or deliberate misinformation spreaded buy corrupt idiots such as Ken FucXwell, Chuck Westfall etc. whose only real interest is making money.

As for the Polish site Lenstip, remember they test lenses BEHIND AA filter, i.e. the results are distorted by the different strength of AA filters of the used cameras! Again, here e.g. Nikon lenses ARE always worse cause Nikon is using quite a strong AA filters (as generally known). Check the test of Nikon 35mm/1.4 lens on photozone, slr gear and lenstip - it came out as total rubish on lenstip while the other sites consider it very good lens (talking about the fast apertures). Just a sample variation with this very expensive pro prime..? Do you believe that....?



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