The most annoying feature of the X-Pro1

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Re: The most annoying feature of the X-Pro1

borgein wrote:

1) As I wrote, I hate using EVF's. It's just a personal preference/thing.

2) A small amount of inaccuracy I can live with, but a constant 15-20% inaccuracy should not be necessary when the frame lines are electronically controlled by software (firmware). There is no reason that the framelines should be as inaccurate as they are, and even mechanical rangefinders (leica's) are more accurate!

3) I will have to, I guess, since there are no alternatives.

4) The X-E1 is not an option for me. Any camera with a EVF only is not an option. And that is how the cookie crumbles.

What I like about the OVF is the ability to see outside the frame lines. I love it. Zoom out the view on the 35mm and you can see a whole lot outside the frame lines. But having to crop each and every single image by up to 20% to get the framing that I wanted should not be necessary. Up to 5% inaccuracy is OK. Up to 20% is not. Especially when the frame lines are software controlled!

I agree. I am willing to go so far as saying 10% is acceptable, but 20% definitely is not. Just thinking, wasn't this absurdly wide margin necessary when the camera was first introduced, because at that time there were no corrected framelines available (as these were introduced in an update later on)? I don't quite remember, but assuming that was the case, of course you did need a very wide margin to keep the framelines within the actual image at all distances. But not anymore.

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