Who is offering the best combination(HD motion + stills)?

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Makedonija New Member • Posts: 2
Who is offering the best combination(HD motion + stills)?

I wonder why professional companies like Hasselblad,Phase One,Sinar...don't offer HD motion recording,but only still?
Is it so hard for them to implement video/motion recording?

And...why all other companies like Canon,Sony,Panasonic don't offer better motion quality with more than 60fps,but only poor 1920X1080 ?!
Is it so hard to do it 3K,4K,5K,6K or even more?
For example 3K would be pretty fine for me.
Does this mean that "Red" offer the best digital still and motion picture?
I mean the combination(motion + still),is it the best at this moment?
6000x4000 with new dragon sensor 6K motion and 24Mpx stills?!
When I mentioned "Red" - why they have poor sensor,not full frame at least?

And is that minus when you compare them with DSLR FF sensors or there is no disadvantage?

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