Just bought a d7000 and couldn't be happier

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Re: Just bought a d7000 and couldn't be happier

I have worked in IT for well over a decade and am quite versed in backups I use CrashPlan for my online backups and keep an external drive mirrored to the drive my photos are on so I have all my files in 3 places at once.

I shoot Aperture priority 90% of the time, the lens is the 18-105 kit on the d7000. I was quite rushed as I knew her position would change quickly and wanted to get the shot, I grabbed the monopod and braced it as best I could. This wasn't the sharpest of the bunch but it was the best expression. Had I been quicker getting it down to max aperture I would have been fine. As it stands, I got about 15 shots off in the 4 or 5 seconds she was cooperating. I spun the wrong dial...

The 35 1.8 is my next purchase, bear in mind I've had this camera all of two weeks and I still turn the wrong dials on occasion due to muscle memory from older bodies (my dSLR experience prior to this was all Canon Rebels). I'm, in no way, a good photographer but I am very technically minded and am well aware of the details of exposure. The other images of my girls in my gallery are there because of issues I had with AF on the GF1, not because I think they are great shots

Thanks for the advice, I have a photo day planned this weekend that I plan on using to make sure I know the camera well enough to prevent rookie mistakes.

mistermejia wrote:

Hi erikvw. very nice photo. make sure you back up all your photos in MULTIPLE places, and try to copy them to a CD if you can. Trust me, stuff happens, my PC crashed and i lost ALL my photos. You should have seen my face, actually i dont think you would have want to

I can tell that you are most likely using your 18-55 kit lens and you are most likely using your camera in AUTO, correct? Your photo is kind of blurry, the camera took the shot at 1/25 of a second. That is too SLOW and will cause your photos to come out blurry with the D7000. I suggest you start using your camera in fully manual as soon as possible. If you want sharp images from your D7000 you should start getting the habit of doubling or triple the camera shutter speed. Keep that in mind as a rule of thum from now on. In this case you set the lens at 18mm, so you should set your shutter speed to AT LEAST around 1/40 of a second, i would have tripple it at 18X3= 54, so around 1/50 of a second or faster. With the kit lens you will need to get an external flash and when you bounce it on the ceiling and walls you will be AMAZED!

Get yourself a 35 or 50mm 1.8 lens, they are fantastic for kids photos, i love my 50 1.8D. With those lenses you will be able to take some wonderfull low light shots. That 18-55 kit lens is EXCELLENT!! Don't get rid of it. Have lots of fun!!

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