D600 - Magenta in shadows

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Re: D600 - Magenta in shadows

Thanks all for the responses. Just to confirm, I do have LENR turned on. Joe- funny you mention that because i did see the same thing as you for one of my long exposures, in the exact same spot. Relief that it is expected behavior, and i'll start covering my viewfinder also. However this appears to be seperate from my other shots.

Sunday morning i went out again and shot without using liveview, and still see the magenta in the shadows, with normal short exposure times. As i mentioned, by increasing the exposure instead of shadow protection it seems to mostly reveal the shadows just fine. So i wonder if it is a software/post processing issue, as Michael mentioned. Hopefully ACR will come out with D600 support shortly so i can compare. Right now its just an annoyance and can be worked around, but my D5100 seemed to boost shadows just fine. Confusing because i know the D600 has the better DR. Thanks again,


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