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Re: Lightroom 4 issues MEMORY LEAK

PeterZed wrote:

I have LR 4.1 and can confirm the memory leak is still there and the slowness issue as well. I find that the longer you work with LR the more it slows down, e.g. working on a single image with lots and lots of selective brush adjustments, etc.

I've also been keeping an eye on the Windows Task Manager and have noticed LR continually using up more RAM and not releasing it. LR continues to chew up RAM up to a point where all available memory is used, forcing Windows to start utilizing the swap file, and that's when it bogs down to a halt.

And you can't blame my hardware either: my PC is less than 6 months old, Intel Core i7 @ 3Ghz (4 physical cores with hyperthreading = 8 cores), Win7 64bit with total 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD (7200rpm), 1GB Nvidia graphics card.

Apart from the slow performance and chronic memory leak, I really like LR4.1. Hoping the 4.2 update will address these issues.

Just spent nearly all day working with Lightroom 4.2RC and see no sign of the problem you mention though I have not been using adjustment brushes - only graduated filter. When you say it is using all your memory is this in use and modified memory? Windows will make guesses on what you might want to do next and put things in standby memory but this is discarded if you run short of In Use and Modified memory. You can track this in resource monitor. My machine is Coire i7-3820 with 16gig ram.

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