Dell XPS 8500 - PCIe 1x eSata card failures

Started Jul 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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direct link to A09 BIOS page

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Well.. it looks like they have now. You'll see a post from September 18th from a Dell Employee on this page with a download link to BIOS Version A09 with instructions on using it:

It also looks like they just added to the official downloads page for the XPS 8500 today, as I see BIOS Version A09 listed with a date of September 25.

Here's a direct link to the A09 BIOS page on the official support site:

It looks like the description is hosed though (as it mentions Win 8 and needing a DOS boot disk, even though this is the page in the XPS 8500 download list for 64 bit Win 7). But, the rest of it looks right for Win 7 (look under compatibility, then look at instructions where it says to copy it to your desktop and run it).

The official download resulted in an internal server error when I just tried to grab it out of curiosity though. The one from the September 18th forum post is a good link.

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