Video editing issues

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Re: Video editing issues

It's not a very friendly format at the moment. These pages might help you out:

Kolb wrote:

Hi all, sorry if these question have al ready been answered, but this time the internet is not helping me.

I am using the Sony NEX-5N to shoot some video and have been trying to find a smooth way in processing and editing these clips. Here are some issues I have encountered

  • Audio issues when importing .mts files in Premiere 6 (no sound, or sound stopping after a few seconds)

  • Cannot import .mts files in iMovie - I have to import .mts straight from the camera (is this really the only way?)

  • How do I import 50p movies in both Premiere and iMovie? Premiere gives me this 'unsupported compression type' warning. iMovie shows a red X.

Thanks for helping out!

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