Hands-On and Images of the Fujifilm X-E1 & 35mm f/1.4R lens

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Re: Here are the images ....

I set everything to normal. No Fuji color style. I make sure of that. I don't want Velvia Color Style to influence the colors and contrast. I also turn off the Long Exposure NR. I set Auto ISO to 1600, but sometime forced the ISO t 3200 intentionally to test noise. I shoot Av and selectively pick my AF points for focusing. I also make the focusing square a bit smaller for accuracy.

So in all, I wanted to turn everything off and use the standard setting the camera came with. The JPEG is incredible and the colors are so nice and pretty. Noise is striking. I can say that noise is on par with my Canon 5D Mark II images at 3200. The 35mm lens is sharp and contrast. The only thing that is bugging me with all the X-Series camera that I used is the AF issue. It is not as snappy as I would like it to be. I missed a lot of shot where I normally would catch. The EVF is nice and bright with clear details but there is noticeable lags after it got focused as well as when I pan the camera. I intentionally pan the camera with both camera to see the effect. And my Sony NEX-7 EVF show no lags.

Hope these details are helpful... Overall, I love the images that come out of the camera. I am still thinking about it. I want to see how I can overcome the EVF and AF issue.

Slinky I wrote:

Great pictures!

What internal camera settings (if any) did you use??

Color, film type, etc.


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