seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Wow, I cant believe the response I got from this inquiry.

I feel very confident that this is a great system to buy into and even though (relative to canon/nikon) not many people shoot pentax, the people that do are active and very helpful.

I have gone back and forth about the system (dslr, m4/3, or superzoom). When very experienced photographers talk about going to smaller systems due to nearly comparable IQ and much lighter equipment, that should send a message.

But these are people that have experienced different lenses and different equip where I have not. If I get a fz200 I will still never know how a great prime compares to a superzoom. Or how a f1.4 does in low light compared to a kit lens. I think I want and personally need to experience all of that.

I wish lenses werent so darn expensive. I would love to try some primes out right away or a zoom with constant 2.8 aperture, but I just dont have funds to try it all and dont know what focal lengths I will use the most.

I am going to get the k-30 with 18-135 wr. I think for a first lens it will tell me what focal lengths I use most, will give me the weather seal (which I may not use, but will be nice to have). Then after a few months (or a year if I cant raise the funds) then I will try an appropriate prime or (less likely) telephoto.

Just stinks getting 1 lens when there are so many beautiful options out there. But, what is the hurry I guess!

Thank you all... your comments were very helpful.

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