DxOmark -- why "only" 71 points?

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Re: High ISO scores comes from noise cutpoint

You still flogging that dead horse?

Timur Born wrote:

Anders W wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

High ISO score is based actually on the cut point in noise, not DR, since the noise cut point is usually reached earlier.

Yes, I know how DxO compute the "sports" score. But you apparently missed the fact that this score doesn't correlate very well with perceived image quality. As I pointed out, high ISO DR is a better indicator of shadow noise, which is what most people find troublesome in high ISO shots.

You said so in several posts now, but I wonder if SNR can really be ignored that easily?! DR is a tricky beast. Pushing shadows may result in enough information to satisfy DR measurements, but that doesn't necessarily mean the results are pretty or highly detailed. Especially in those (yet) uncontrollable cases where the E-M5 introduces line/banding noise.

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