OK, I like my 5n, but are there any flash options?

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Re: OK, I like my 5n, but are there any flash options?

Thanks for the info, this is pretty much how I've been shooting as well, but mainly using bounce flash, great to see how much tele mode lights things up from a distance, and that P or iAuto mode give good results. I'm always in manual mode, so I'll definitely have to try one of the auto modes next time i'm at a function.

Tommygun45 wrote:

On the flash that is of the wedding party I used the bounce mode because the ceiling was only a few feet over head. On the other photo, with the room full of people I used no flash. I then used the direct and tele mode flash when I was zoomed in to capture the two girls. They were around 30 yards away.

I believe I was using P mode although honestly it might have been set to iAuto mode because there were different people shooting with my camera. The shutter speed was generally operating at 1/60 when the flash was connected and it seemed to work ok.

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