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Re: again: please do read my post ;-)

Blackburn11 wrote:

Let me ask this. If I look at a 100% crop of a raw image taken with a k-30 w/18-135 lens at 135mm (at say 400 iso) and a 100% crop of a raw image taken at an equivalent focal length at 400 iso with the fz200, am I going to notice a significant difference? In sharpness, resolution, dr, ... Or just overall IQ?

It depends a lot on the circumstances. Ass I said further up the thread

superzooms are good within their limts. Do whether you see a difference will depend on whether your shot was pushing those limits or not.

If you have lots of light but shoot at ISO400 just to see a comparison there won't be much difference in visible noise; but if the light is dim enough that you are compelled to use ISO400 the superzoom shot will either show more noise or lose detail because of NR - and as the light gets worse the difference becomes stronger.

DR: look at this shot (not for its artistic merit) and you see the water and foliage are well exposed; the sky is plain overcast but so what?

This sort of look is typical of superzooms and old DSLRs. But there was actually a lot of detail in the sky

The ability to preserve detail in both shadow areas and highlights is what distinguishes modern DSLRs. It isn't important just in this sort of shot - the world is full of high-contrast scenes that beat the DR limits of superzooms.

Incidentally, what you need to compare isn't 100% crops unless both cameras have identical pixel count. What you need is crops that show identical FOV. The FZ200 is 12MP v the K30's 16MP so you'll see different areas at 100%.

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