re: A99 Fast iso test: raw and jpeg crops

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I read, do you?

Dustinash wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

Dustinash wrote:

What do you mean it looks good. It looks like crap. This is not even on par with the d800 at 25600 .

There is not just excessive noise in these photos there are major artifacts which distort and corrupt the image. I have noticed the same artifacts in all video I have seen shot on the a99 and yet when I looked at the rx1 video it looked awesome.

I want to get sonys new camera so bad but I fear this is a natural consequence of the SLT.

Absolutely, the SLT design compromises output by at least 3 stops. I'd say closer to 4.

Seems like you'd be better off with those 3 extra stops at Nikon.

/ sarcasm.

Do you read or just bleet? baaahhh.. Im a sony sheep... baaaaahhh.

/ disdain

You just said that the D800 looks better at ISO 25600 than those ISO 3200 crops. That's 3 stops. And then you state that you "fear this is a natural consequence of the SLT".

And then you expect me to take you seriously?

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