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I shoot with Pentax, despite that I do just fine. Have a look here:

But, and I hate to say it, if you're serious about pursuing macro, Pentax is about the worst choice, because of limited features and limited accessories. The bodies are good, the macro lenses are good, but once you get into extreme macro there are issues. Lack of accessories, poor flash system and choices, 49mm thread (most adaptors fit 52), and so on. No efsc. No nikon E2 stop down component. The list goes on.

Microdetail wise I doubt Pentax is any worse or better than others, but the best microdetail in macro isn't done by lenses from either camp but by stacked shots using high quality optics like a componon 28, jml 21mm and so on. And in terms of getting good work out it's trial and error using the incam settings and PP software.

And, just to finish off with some complete heresy, in terms of a system that really supports macro well, Canon is surely your best bet. It's the only brand that has mp-e 65 with dedicated twin flash.

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