Why the A99 is slower than the A77 :-)

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Re: Why the A99 is slower than the A77 :-)

Rand 47 wrote:

They easily "could" make it as fast or faster than existing cameras of this sensor / resolution size. They chose not to in order to keep at their price / profit point.

Sometimes my cynical side wonders if industry/marketing is not just playing a game with consumers. Do they always give us the best they have at the time, or do they give us just enough to compete/win in the market place, leaving headroom for the next iteration which they pretty much have in the bag already, and maintaining the desired profit margin?

I suspect this could be product dependent. For example, I think the auto industry is best at this game. Why do we have such small incremental improvements in fuel efficiency? Because they only have to meet some government guidelines that advance the requirement over a period of years. Just look at how they serve up options and features, especially on American cars -- inch by inch, step by step, ....

Regarding the computer industry I have heard it said that consumers expect, and are willing, to pay in the neighborhood of $1000 for a computer, and that is what the manufacturers provide. They don't sell many really cheap computers with last year's technology and features (which were really great a year ago!), and they don't sell a lot of high end computers. No, they give the consumer a little bit more each year, all for about $1000.

Is the camera industry playing this game too? Did it really require 10 years of incremental development to put out large size 24 MP sensors over tiny 2 MP sensors? Why did it take so long to put GPS into cameras? Features and price points certainly follow a trend and I, the poor consumer, am stuck with this game. I can't believe that I was willing to part with $750 to buy a 5 MP / 5X optical zoom P&S camera 9 years ago. But I wanted something a little above the low end, and $750 was the target price for that level of camera. Today you get the A57 kit for price, because that is what consumers of that ilk are willing to pay.

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