To Landscapers with 5DII

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Re: To Landscapers with 5DII

And if you have an Android smartphone, there are some pretty neat apps you can install to control a 5DII camera via a USB cable or IR dongle.

Right now I'm using DSLR Controller from Chainfire and PhotoIRmote from Wegroo. Both have HDR functions that allow exposure bracketing.

Of course, the developers are updating their apps to work with newer cameras all the time including the 5DIII.

Also, the latest and stable release of Magic Lantern 2.3 has quite a bit of functionality for still photography including HDR exposure bracketing.

My point is you don't need to bother about HDR as a criterion for choosing a 5DIII. As for the better AF system, this is another story but again not necessarily a reason for upgrading from a 5DII for landscapes.

For my money, a single centre AF point is all I need for landscapes and much of the time I focus manually anyway.

You mentioned you do other stuff as well, though.

Just my ten cents.


robonrome wrote:

Hi, I had the 5D2 and used it mainly for landscapes, but enough occassional other stuff where focus speed/accuracy was at issue to prompt me to buy the 5D3.

Was it worth it - not really. If I was being completely logical and not bitten by the new gear bug I would have stuck with the 5d2 which is just as good for all practical purposes for landscape. I should at least have waited for a while as price has come down a whacking great chunk since preorder at launch (I'll learn one day). The5d3 is nice but won't do much for your landscapes that the 5d2 doesn't do as well - 5d3 has hdr but frankly when I want hdr I do it manually braketting and process in photomatix.

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