Gosh!, Finally Learning How To Use The NEX-7!!!!

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Re: Gosh!, Finally Learning How To Use The NEX-7!!!!

JPG wrote:

I'm basically an oldtimer from the film school of photography, and that's how I think.

So, I took this basic course in digital photography at our local camera dealer. The instructor explained that we should probably use Manual Mode in most of your photography for the the best results. Lo, and behold, I think he is right!!! All you have to do with the NEX-7 is set it on 'M', the left navigation wheel adjusts shutter speed, the right navigation wheel adjusts aperture, and the center wheel adjusts ISO., just as plain as day. You see exactly what is going to happen with the light on your live LCD or rangefinder. Just as simple if not more so as my Leica R SLR. Eccept you can't see what the photo will look like on the Leica. So, now I'm thinking, why am I keeping my old Leica? I'm liking my NEX-7 better and better, and it's smaller and lighter even.

Another old timer here as well :). I know the feeling. I still don't have an AF lenses, all MF and no stabilisation. Never will at this rate. I only use shutter priority and the only thing that has changed since SLR's is on the NEX-7, focus peaking. Its the only feature I use that SLR's never had and I just love it. Mind you, some don't and thats fair enough.

Glad you are enjoying it, its certainly up there in image quality.

All the best.

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Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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