Merrill v MILC and mft cameras. A new choice dilemna

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Re: Merrill v MILC and mft cameras. A new choice dilemna


Yes the review is interesting but what LL forgets to mention is that for many photographers ( and street photographers in particular) SIGMA has further crippled the dpm's cameras by removing the focusing wheel which has on the back of the camera

This was an amazing and quick way to guess focus on the camera. In normal daylight conditions one could with an external OVF set the aperture at f8.0 and just "point and shoot" making it one of the fatstest camera on tne market

To remove this from the dpm is one of this stupid moves that manufacturers make sometimes. I know for me this is a deal killer as it makes the camera way less useful for street photography ( and there is no OVF for 45mm FOV either ) :((


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