To Landscapers with 5DII

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Re: To Landscapers with 5DII

Do you think that 5dII has everything you need for Landscape photography?

I'd like normal MLU solution because I use it a lot for landscape, especially with telephoto. and the solution right now is painfully bad with current Canon DSLR...

AF with a bit more low light sensibility would be nice, and most certainly usable side AF points, not just central.

other than that 5D mkII is OK for me.

If you had the bucks to change to 5DIII, would you buy 5DIII or invest it in lens?

I have the bucks but I'll rather invest (I mean: spend; you don't invest in landscape camera, it doesn't earn money!) it in some nice photo trip than 5D mkIII. I'm fine with my lens, too. I'd love 135/2 for example and its price tag is OK for me. but knowing I wouldn't use it too frequent I just can't justify spending this money.

if Canon had an 17-40/4 IS (with corners significantly improved over current version) then I'd surely be tempted. but as of now my money is safe

I am going FF since I´ve got a 1DIV and need the wide angle view, so I am deciding to buy a 5DII or a 5DIII (no 6D). If I go with 5DII I won´t get an used 5DII because it´s a “small” difference in price (about 400€) but a big difference with the warranty (I work in wet and harsh places, so I better have a warranty).

6D would be no brainer to me for landscape photography.

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