DP1M and DP2M Paradox

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Cheaper battery substitutes

I bought a couple of generic batteries for $12.00 each from my dealer. He popped them in and it works. That is almost a month ago and they work fine. With expensive 'originals' $45 per pop batteries, you are just paying for comfort factor. These batteries, are of li-ion chemistry. Meaning that they are full at 4.2v and run down at 3.6v which the camera will then detect and alert you. The other important factor is the charger itself. Sigma provided charger uses smart charging which is very safe and battery friendly, trickling down power and then terminating the charge when the battery is full. Cheap Chinese chargers will continue to charge until its 4.3v at full strength. The battery would not absorb more charge after that, with the heat from the overcharging killing the battery prematurely.

There are scenarios with no-name batteries exploding. But this usually happen with high capacity, high drain batteries, used on stuffs like powerful flashlights. Very rare for low draw and puny size p&s batteries. With a multi-meter you can test its condition, if it is full at 4.2v and remained at 4.10v after a day unused, it should last at least another 2 years. Do the test once in a while and throw away batteries that lost its ability to hold full charge. Remove the batteries when unused. My DP1 has a habit of draining batteries when stored even within a week.

Quickly charge any drained batteries to prolong its life, the ideal storage voltage is somewhere around 3.7 to 3.8v, which is why the battery that comes with a new camera is immediately depleted after a few shots. Since you will be shooting your DP camera often, charge them to full so they are always ready for use.

This observation does no apply with batteries containing proprietary chips. You can only buy from the camera maker. Fortunately Sigma uses the pedestrian kind. Buy some from Hongkok ebay sellers and try it out. You should get them within a week or two once you completed the "buy now" option.

For those who prefer to wait for Sigma branded battery, I suggest using without the LCD. There is a toggle switch which shows the camera settings without any image. A battery saver beside putting the camera on active mode, ready for you to trip the shutter.

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