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Thanks guys,

I wasn't saying that there IS banding, merely that in my various Id and 5D iterations, there has been. You don't generally see it unless you push the shadows a bit in post but it can be there even in fairly low ISO shots. You don't get this at all with the D800, whatever its other faults. I've found an article where LLoyd Chambers has found this type of banding in the 5DII as has at least one person higher up this thread so I am guessing that it is there, doesn't bother some people and does bother others and that to discover whether it bothers me or not, I'm just gonna have to rent or borrow one and see... but I'm developing a less positive attitude towards the 1DX. I don't want to find that Canon makes the most professional bodies and Nikon chooses the best sensors, but it is starting to look like the old pattern, the one that finally shoved me out of Canon after many years, is repeating itself. If so it seems odd to me that despite the competitive nature of the market, no one makes a state of the art body with a state of the art sensor.

Lloyd's is a subscription site only but the article for anyone who has that subscription is at

I would add that this is an example at ISO 100 but with shadow areas pushed. Lloyd shoots like I do outdoors: Low ISO, tending to underexpose a bit so as to keep the highlights, then push the shadows later. This is not standard ETTR practice but it is a great way of shooting when the DR of the sensor can take it!

KAllen wrote:

What banding issues are we talking about, I've seen zero banding, I get moire, sharp colourful images with good shadow detail, but banding ? not even a hint of it, I've not shot at loony iso only up to 6400iso, but again I will repeat zero banding.


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