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Re: Absolutely.

There's deductive reasoning and then there's assumption, you are the latter. That you describe yourself that you saw a fully set up rig, and made no mention of noticing an external recorder, did that observation not make you question your own conclusion?

And no, deductive reasoning leads me to think that would "not" be the best way to show the a99's capabilities. The best way is the show the footage recorded in camera that most people "would" do, using their in camera compression codecs and showing that output in the video. That would make more sense in terms of marketing and displaying a products abilities, otherwise how do you differentiate footage from an uncompressed d800 feed from a uncompressed a99 feed?

What you think about the noise is your entitlement I happen to disagree, but it's subjective. I also have the a77 and comparing that to the a99 I'm very impressed, but until DXO does their analysis I won't go around stating matter-of-fact like, that the a99 is better or worse than a d600.

That's called informed opinion. It is your friend.

Dustinash wrote:

I'm basing it on the fact that the beginning of the set up shows a full DSLR video rig set up and the video is highly produced with properly done audio by Sony to demonstrate the capabilities of their new video camera. Why would Sony put all that work in and then not utilize HDMI out to provide the best quality footage from the product?

Answer - They wouldn't. Only an amateur would do that.

Its called deductive reasoning, and its your friend.

Now that we have cleared that up for you I should mention I checked out SAR, I have been anticipating this camera since i sold my GH2 and bought an a55. I have read every rumor about this camera on that site and all the comments.

The samples there suck as well. Noisy, blotchy, smeary. Even the 5D samples I have seen are a lot better. What really breaks my heart is that the d600 is getting rave sensor reviews, hence why I am thinking the SLT is causing more then a half stop of light fall off, it is obscuring in some other fashion. Or such. The RX1 video is brilliant. the a99 is depressing. The d600 photos are impressive. the a99 is depressing.

but. It is light years better then my a77, so i guess that is a small glimmer of hope

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