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Re: DSLM vs MFT vs DSL

I do not think DSLM will stick either but you never know. I also agree with the point that defining a system by what it is not is silly.

Why not DSL ...simply take off the 'reflex' and do not bother to add 'mirrorless'.

I know that 'single lens' is also out of date, but it is not too different so what it means is easy to get. Plus there are still rangefinders! If you use the others the whole 'well it is like a DSLR without the mirror' (or without the R) is to hard to get across.

Evolution not revolution

Hagane wrote:

eques wrote:

In large advertisments in Germany Panasonic pushes the acronym DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) as opposed to DSLR.

This way they are no more restricted to the FT sensor format - a preparation for other sensor sizes?

What do you think?


Unlikely, I think it's just pana's attempt to finally get one common name for this new breed of camera.

When I say DSLR, everyone knows what I'm talking about, I walk into a store, say 'DSLR' and walk out with a Canikon...

Same with a compact or point and shoot. Say compact camera to a sales person and you'll get a compact camera.

With mirrorless it's not as easy, you'll walk into the store and say what?! Mirrorless, EVIL, CSC, MILC, MFT, NEX?!
I believe that not having one single term for these cameras affect sales.

DSLM isn't too bad, sounds similiar to DSLR and thus suggests that it's similiar and a viable alternative.

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