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Hi Joe
Unless I misunderstand what you are wanting to do, this should be really easy.

First you need to create a standard develop preset that applies the Style. Save it with a name you will recognize.

Then, in the import dialog (assuming LR4), there is a panel on the right called "apply during import". In there you can select the preset you just created to be applied upon import.
That's all there is to it.

If you have multiple cameras, like Canon and Nikon, just make separate presets and pick the appriopriate one when you import you images.


10sj03 wrote:

Hi, I have a fundamental Lightroom question. When I import the RAW format photo to Lightroom, Adobe applies the Adobe profile to the RAW photo. I would like to be able to apply the Canon Standard Picture Style as a default when I import the photo so I will have something which looks like the Canon JPEG as a starting point. What I found is I want to start with some level of noise reduction and sharpening. For photos I want further adjustments, I will use the preset as a starting point. Anyway I can do that when I import?



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