G5 performance issues, can you verify?

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G5 performance issues, can you verify?

I got the G5 (like many here) as update to the G3, and I am very happy with it, except:

When I shoot Raw, the writing buffer seems to fill up and block the camera much longer then it was the case with the G3. I compared them next to each other, here is what I got:

G3 buffer full after 7 Raw pics (taken in ca, 4 sec) A mode, delays to next picture ca. 2-8 sec: 25-27 sec before a movie can be taken.

G5 buffer full after 7 Raw pics (taken in ca 3 sec) A mode, delays to next picture ca. 2-8 sec, 45-115 !!!! sec before movie can be taken.

Another test, both cameras were used to take a movie (full, best quality, HD AVCHD, which is a much more data in the case of G5), pic quality set to Raw and pictures taken during the movie. the G3 needs 27 sec of movie to take 8 pictures, the G5 only 17sec (it is much more responsive) G3 takes 25 sec to be able to shoot pics again, G5 only 23.

I could not believe this, so repeated the first test. By now both cameras were a bit warmed up, G3 still had a 27 sec delay after the buffer was full, G5 by now needed 89-117 sec before it could shoot again.

I basically conclude that Panasonic did not upgrade the writing speed for the G5 dramatically, it can write faster then the G3, but after the buffer is full with Raw pictures, my G5 slows down.....a lot!

How about yours? I will go with this to Pana, maybe my camera is faulty, maybe all G5s are like this, would you care to test if you own a G5 and tell us the result here?

Cheers for you help.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5
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