NEX 7 (or 6?) for video? Or the Olympus OM-D

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Re: NEX 7 (or 6?) for video? Or the Olympus OM-D

Nevada Landscapes wrote:

The Pana GH2 is the best camera for video only (I used to own one). I changed to the NEX7 because I was unhappy with the image quality of my GH2 as I shoot landscapes and like large prints. I shoot approximately 50% video and 50% photos and find the NEX7 to be the best compromise for my purposes. I have never experienced overheating on my NEX7, but I rarely shoot any video longer than two minitues. IMO, no one wants to see video clips over 2 minutes anyway!

Well,your OP is in correct, many people that shoot video have specific needs, for longer shooting times. I make money with my Nex cameras, I made a decision to by the NEX-7 because of its sensor, size, weight and its video specs, Claimed by Sony!

Up to 29 minutes is very vague tricky marketing, that many people are frustrated with.

Would not be too bad if it was off by a few minutes due to ambient temperature, differences. But not like it is currently, Bottom Line for me is I can't trust it!

For me, I'm going to be doing Aerial Videography, smaller lighter camera, means longer flight times, I can't use it for this, I would be very frustrated if, I mount my Nex-7 on my aerial craft and 5 minutes in the shoot the Sony craps out on me.

Try shooting a music video in a night club in two minutes! Try shooting any project as a multicam production, that's longer that 2 minutes with a Nex 7 being one of them, Can't do it! I made a substantial investment in Sony's Nex Cameras it's not working out, So I'm thinking about moving on to something else.

The problem for me is I really like the Nex-7 as a still camera. I most likely will wait till the holidays to see whats coming out.

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