How to carry my 60D?

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slade riley Regular Member • Posts: 146
How to carry my 60D?

I need some feedback from the wonderful knowledge base here on DPReview in order for me to make a decision moving forward.

I have for many years carried my Rebel XTi (with grip) in my hands without a neckstrap or any other means of support or restraint. I have always felt like using a strap limits me and provides more chance of getting caught on something. My feeling is... if I have it in my hand I would have more chance to get the shot I want without having to fuss with anything.

That said, I have had 2 bad experiences that have me wondering if the dynamics of doing this have changed with the weight of the 60D (with grip). In particular I like to carry the camera sometimes by the base of the lens with the bottom of my hand (opposite my thumb) around the lens, directly against the camera body.

First bad experience was with a 10-22mm canon lens I bought recently off craigslist. It began to separate at the autofocus ring and I had to send it in for repairs. Canon replaced it actually for $140.

Second Bad experience was while on vacation my 28-300 Tamron lens began to have problems zooming and yesterday (while messing with the lens while off the body) a screw and a peice of the internal mechanism to zoom came loose and when I opened the body cap there was the screw and metal peice loose. The lens still works but I have to push the lens in or out manually as the zoom ring is now broke. Good tihng it was not on the body when this happened. I can only imagine what would have happened if the screw and metal peice went into the camera body. YIKES!!! I intend on sending the 28-300 to Tamron for service as it may still be under the 3yr warranty.

This has got me thinking now is the 60D so much heavier that I shouldn't be carrying it like this? Or is this just a coincidence of them breaking so close together. I have had the 60D for about 6 months and both of these became a problem within the last 2 months. With the XTi I never had a problem like this although I mainly had the 28-300mm.

What are your thoughts, observations, experiences regarding this?

Thanks in advance.


Canon EOS 60D
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