Calculated Resolution of SX50 & FZ200

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Re: Calculated Resolution of SX50 & FZ200

That's right, but it isn't just a matter of size. Resolution is about how much detail the camera can capture. At the maximum zoom of both cameras, the SX50 should capture more detail that the FZ200 won't be able to, even if you crop or enlarge the picture.

Resolution is a part of image quality, but many people would say it is not the most important part. The angular resolution chart gives the smallest angle that can be resolved at approximately 9% MTF, which means the detail for that angle is visible but quite blurred. The numbers mean that the SX50 should be able to read a sign or make out the feather detail of a bird from farther away than the FZ200; or show more detail from the same distance. So resolution is important to birders, but not so much to photographers who take pictures of scenery or people. I find detail very exciting.

I have only considered the maximum zoom of both cameras. It is likely that, with both cameras at 600mm, the FZ200, with its large aperture, would have better resolution. Its larger maximum aperture means better IQ in low-light situations too.

To summarize, I am definitely not saying that the FZ50 will have better IQ than the FZ200. It just should be able to capture more detail at its maximum zoom end. (Unless, as LT470 has pointed out earlier in this thread, you add a teleconverter to the FZ200.)

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