Contax G lenses

Started Sep 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Vreeke Junior Member • Posts: 31
Re: Contax G lenses

Update on the Contax G adapter.

Well it was just as I expected I received a $29.00 adapter from China today, It's ten times better made than those that I tried at three times the price. The lens mounted the first time I tried and the focus ring is much much smoother then the more expensive ones. I may just have gotten lucky but I still think that the more expensive ones are all the same just packaged differently with some product name on the box and charge a lot more with the consumer believing they are buying a high end adapter. I've bought another for my other Contax G lens and if that one turns out as nice I will by a third and all three will be cheaper than just one of the other name brand adapters,

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