Merrill v MILC and mft cameras. A new choice dilemna

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Re: Merrill v MILC and mft cameras. A new choice dilemna

There are still a number of ways where DP2M is inferior to mft cameras.

In comparison to my EPL1 with 20mm Panasonic lens:
-The EPL1 has IBIS, the DP2M has no image stabilization at all

-The lens on the DP2m is f2.8 vs f1.7 on the Panasonic lens, this means that you will need to use a higher ISO by around 1.5 stops on the DP2M

-IMHO, the EPL1 gives fantastic output up to ISO640, the DP2M looks really good up to ISO200

If you consider the above, IBIS gives a 2 stop advantage to the EPL1/20mm combo for still subjects, the lens' aperture give another 1.5 stop advantage, and the ISO performance is 1.5 stops better than the DP2m. This totals up to roughly a 6 stop advantage, which puts the DP2M into the daylight only category for me.

On top of this, most reviewers tend to say the AF is too slow for snapshots, the EPL1 is already terrible in this respect and the reviews that I have read seem to suggest that the DP2m is actually quite a bit worse in this respect.

The DP2M reportedly (I have not used it) only gets 50 or so shots on a single charge. On my EPL1 I typically get over 400 shots on a single charge, on the original battery.

To me, a daylight camera needs to be able to take pictures of people, and it seems the EPL1 has the DP2m beat for both AF and mid to high ISO performance. If you are a landscape photographer, the DP2M is probably a great deal, but for me I will continue to use my EPL1 until I decide to upgrade (likely to the EPM2 once the price is below 500 USD). I love the DP2M concept, if the battery life were better, the lens faster (or ISO performance a little better), the jpegs were better, and the AF issues were resolved -- then I would buy one. However, I don't find this likely based on Sigma's track record. If the Sigma Foveon sensor were available in a m43 body made by Olympus, then all of these would be non-issues and I would buy one immediately.

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